Albania, an alternative coding outsource inside Europe. High end, fully scalable development.

Why should you consider Albania?

Albania is one of the rising top destinations in Europe. Mediterranean lifestyle, high end infrastructure, a young, joyful and in the same time eager to learn and thrive population and a rising economy all together fuel the country. English and Italian languages proficiency is very common among Albanians. EU oriented legislation and governance policies do also support and push further the Albanian economy.

The country is a member of NATO since 2009 and as of 2015 is officially a EU candidate country. With free markets and an open economy the government promotes and strongly supports foreign trade, foreign investment and foreign collaborations. Albania is also home to a beautiful culture that supports diversity and welcomes tolerance.

Many huge worldwide corporations like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, HP, Dell, Vodafone and T-Mobile are already operating inside the country with central offices and many distribution lines. Also, a stable banking systems with many European Bank branches present makes possible fast and trustworthy transactions that support the leverage of the funds. In the same time all “big-four” financial service oriented companies KPMG, Ernst and Young, PwC and Deloitte are also operating in the country.

Last but not least, both the central and state government are providing huge support to Information Technology infrastructure and are issuing many projects in e-government.

Over five years of experience in development, working with clients in EU and overseas.

TDB is currently outsourcing services and infrastructure in clients based in Athens, Italy, Germany and United States. It has a prepared and very collaborative team that takes full advantage of cutting edge technology for developing according to approved methodology and coding styles. We are able to develop and code from scratch including a full life cycle management process or inherit and step in in order to provide extra support and speed development in existing projects.